Be Your Child's First Teacher

Have you been in limbo? Wondering whether or not to start teaching your child at home? Thinking about homeschooling, but don't feel like it is a fit for you and your family? Well don't worry...teaching your child at home is not strictly for homeschooling! Although homeschooling for preschool is a great option and I know someone who has a really fun box for that 😉 But really, you begin teaching your child even when they are just a few days old and you help them learn to eat and sleep. This teaching doesn't just stop when they are old enough to go to school. In fact, that is when they need even more support at home to learn.

Being your child’s first teacher is such a privilege! There are so many amazing things that you can teach them within the walls of your home. If Covid has taught me anything it’s that there isn’t much I can control outside of my home. So that leaves me controlling the feeling that is in my home. Taking the time to be intentional and teach your toddler will help them for the rest of their life! You are doing amazing! In case you need a little boost, here are four benefits to teaching your child at home:

  1. Personalize their learning, teach them at their speed!
  2. Spend quality time during those precious, early years.
  3. Help correct negative behaviors early and before habits form.
  4. Instill important lessons by teaching them in your home.

You've got this, mama!! You are exactly what your child needs!


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