Fun Fourth of July Activity

There is nothing I love more than holidays! I have always loved the traditions that holidays bring, and they even better with kids. I love that as a mom I get to create the traditions that my kids will remember when they are parents. One of my favorite traditions for the Fourth of July is taking my kids to see a parade dressed in our red, white, and blue! I created this fun activity for you to do with your kids at a parade or just throughout the day. It is a Fourth of July scavenger hunt, print it out and take it with you to all your activities that day! 

This activity is not only fun, but it is also a great learning opprotunituy for your kids as well. Scavenger hunts help children to use their listening and attention skills to find what they are searching for. It is also encouraging them to pay attention to detail and pick out the things that are in their hunt. At the bottom of the page there is a place for them to tally the number of flags that they see! This is a great activity to practice and encourage number sense. They are getting to count, tally, and then group their tallies into groups of five. You can add an extension to this for your older kids and let them add up the tallies and create addition equations. I love a worksheet that has many purposes! 

Click here and download your fun scavenger hunt! Tag me @learningwithkelsey on instagram if you use it! Don't forget to get your July Craftivity box for many more fun summer and Fourth of July crafts! 

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