Everyday Pursuits x LWK Travel Box

Made for at-home fun

Our craft boxes are the perfect way to keep your children entertained, engaged, and learning all at once.


“My toddler and I both love our LWK boxes! Having a different activity planned out with all the materials already there for each day is so fun + easy!!”

Alexa Nunn, @lexxajean


“LWK has brought intentional one on one connection into our home, we look forward to our box each month!”

Kalea Currie, @thecurriecasa


“Learning with Kelsey takes all the guess work out of teaching my kids, so I never have to ask myself is this too hard? Too easy? Or where do I find one of those?!”

Cassie Gordon, @cheriecassie

Ready-to-Use Fun

Printable packets delivered monthly, designed to give your child a head start on their learning journey.

Toddler & Preschool Learning Boxes

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Step by Step

Developing reading & writing skills

There are LOTS of activities and and games you can play with your child to help them prepare to read and write. The Kinder Prep Reading/Writing Box has various activities to help with this. You can also check out my instagram for more activity ideas!

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Repetition is Everything

Making learning letters a breeze

Helping your child learn letters takes time, patience, and repetition! Kindergarten age children should be tracing letters every single day. Our Learning with Kelsey boxes provide lots of tools and tricks to help your child get the practice they need. And feel free to check out my freebies page for some additional resources!

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Social Skills

Facilitating sharing and collaboration

An important social skill to learn for preschool and kindergarten aged children is sharing and taking turns. Practicing and roleplaying at home will really help. Check out my instagram for great books, tv shows, etc to help teach sharing, along with lots of other tips and tricks!

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