Prepare your curious little learner for Kindergarten in 10 minutes a day, and have fun doing it!


How it Works


Shop by age & length of subscription.

Boxes are broken out into 3 age groups: Toddler is 2-3, Preschool is 3-4 and Kinder Prep is 4-5. Subscriptions are available in monthly, 3 months, 6 months and 9 month packages.


Wait for your box to arrive!

Our boxes ship the 15th of every month. If you order after the 1st of the month, you'll receive next month's box. For example if you order on May 1st you will be getting a June box that will ship mid May.


Enjoy the lessons!

Our boxes are packed with 20 lessons per month. Activities are designed for ten minutes of play per day making it an ideal activity for those in preschool and those homeschooling. All activities can be stretched to be longer or combined with others. Repetition works well! 

Already have supplies? Buy printable lessons!

Our lessons can be done with the materials you have at home. We offer the same lesson plans in a printable format.

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Have fun learning with your little one


Bite-sized, impactful learning

Our lessons are geared towards 10 minutes of interaction per day. They’re the perfect addition to homeschool learning or supplementing preschool. Lessons can also be stretched to be longer.


The right amount supplies - no need for extra storage

Don’t worry about buying a giant box of supplies. We ship you exactly what you need for the lessons, so you don’t need to store extras!


Be present with your curious little learner

Our boxes take the guesswork out of planning. All lessons are planned in advance with a guide sheet to make it easy for parents to teach their little ones.


What Parents Are Saying

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    My daughter is 2 and we have been getting the toddler box for about 6 months now! Her and I both look forward to them each month. I love that the activities are both educational and fun. We also love that the majority of them can be repeated throughout the month to get the most bang for your buck!

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    I have been getting Learning with Kelsey boxes since 2021 and I LOVE them!! I have spent so much quality time with my son learning with him. We have fun every month and he is always so excited for his box to come! He will start Kindergarten next fall and I am going to be so sad to be done with our LWK boxes!

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    I have been doing the preschool boxes with my daughter and we love them! She has improved in so many areas because of all the fun learning activities! It is so great to have intentional one on one time with her!