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Disneyland Essentials for Kids

Disneyland Essentials for Kids

Heading to Disneyland with your little ones? Taking toddlers to Disneyland might seem daunting, but let me tell you, it's magical. I recently got back from a Disney trip and made a list of my favorite items, everything from practical to magical. Here's your ultimate guide to Disneyland essentials for kids.


Clip on Minnie Ears

These adorable ears have become a new staple for my little girl at Disneyland! I love that they're clip-on, making them so convenient and ensuring comfort throughout the day. Plus, they're available on Amazon Prime!

Walmart Princess Dress

Want a princess dress that doesn’t break the bank? Walmart has the cutest dresses that come in so many different styles & are comfortable for a little to wear!

Baby Carrier

Little legs get tired fast and so can your back from carrying your little one! This Wildbird baby carrier saved my back (& even held my 2.5 year old niece)! This one from Amazon is my sister's favorite!

Sanitizers (Binky Wipes, Hand Wipes, & Hand Sanitizer)

Stay germ-free on the go with Binky Wipes, Hand Wipes, & Hand Sanitizers (all my favorites) linked here. These saved the binkies from toddler hands.

Kids Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must-have for sunny days at Disneyland! Plus, they're durable and comfortable for all-day wear.

Clip on Fan

It can get hot standing in lines and walking around the park so beat the heat with this handy clip-on fan. 

Powder Sunscreen

Easily apply sunscreen on your child's skin without the mess with powder sunscreen, bonus there’s no greasy feel.

Baby Bucket Hat

A baby bucket hat is a cute and practical way to keep your baby cool and protected from the sun!

BAGGU Go Pouch Set

I love to organize everything into these pouches to help me stay organized. Perfect for storing snacks, toys, and other essentials while exploring Disneyland.

Stroller Organizer

Keep all essentials close by with a stroller organizer! My favorite hack this trip is to get a McDonalds Diet Coke on the way to the park & this organizer has two cup holders!

(All items linked here)

With these items packed, your Disneyland adventure will be magical! Let me know your most used and favorite Disneyland items to pack in your bag. Disneyland awaits—let the magic begin! ✨

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