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Easy and Fun Halloween Craft for Kids

Easy and Fun Halloween Craft for Kids

 Looking for a fun and festive Halloween craft for your kids? Look no further! I’ve got loads of ideas and am looking forward to sharing them with you over the next few weeks. First up is the a cute, easy, low-mess spiderweb craft! This is a great one for your kids who love to paint!


Painting is great and it encourages creativity and fine motor skills, but sometimes free rein with paintbrushes feels like more effort than it is worth. I like to have a purpose for painting so that it 1. Stays in one place and 2. Has a beginning and an end. This craft is recommended for ages 2 and up!


You will need the following supplies:


  1. White card stock or construction paper


  1. Washi tape


  1. Watercolor paint


  1. Paint brush


  1. Cup for dipping paint brush

 Step 1

Gather all your supplies!

Step 2

Once you have all your supplies gathered, make a spiderweb with the washi tape on the paper.


You can do this or have your child do it depending on their age and ability. If you do it, involve your child by counting the number of strips of tape you put on and talking about how spiders make their webs. Children are much more likely to be engaged in an activity if they feel like they are involved in the entire process.

 Step 3

Next, have them paint whatever colors they’d like on the page. Explain to them that when they are finished you can remove the tape to have a white spiderweb with their colors behind it. Depending on their understanding, this could also be a great time to talk about primary colors and what colors they make when mixed!


Step 4

Once your child has finished painting, leave the page to dry.

Step 5

When it is completely dry, have your child gently peel off the washi tape to reveal their spiderweb!


Bonus, you can then add spiders with crayons, black paper, or whatever else you have. You could even get plastic spider rings from the dollar store to put on your spiderweb!


I hope you love this Halloween Craft; my kids certainly do. I especially love that it is relatively mess-free and easy to clean up!


For more activities like this, follow along on my Instagram @learningwithkelsey. This particular activity (+ all the supplies needed) comes in my October Toddler Box!

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