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Free Letter Find Preschool Activity

Free Letter Find Preschool Activity

Letter recognition is an important building block for preschoolers' reading and writing development. Recognizing letters allows children to begin to connect the spoken language they hear to the written language they see, which is a key step in learning to read.

In addition, recognizing letters helps children learn the basic building blocks of written language, such as that words are made up of letters and sentences are made up of words. This understanding is critical for children to be able to start forming and understanding simple sentences, which is another important step in learning to read and write.


Want to work on letter recognition and fine motor skills? Then I have the perfect activity for you!

First, download this worksheet. Then, I’ll show you how to do it.



  1. Write the letters from the snow globe on the dot stickers.
    1. You can write the letters in upper or lowercase! If you feel your child is ready for it, go for lowercase!
  2. Use this hack and peel the backing off the stickers to make it easier for your child to get the stickers off. (this is where the fine motor skills come into play!)
  3. Instruct your child to match the letters on the stickers to the ones on the snow globe!

Don’t have dot stickers?

Don’t worry! Just call out the letters and ask your child to color in the letters that you call out. Or, you could still match upper and lower case letters by writing each letter on small squares of paper. Then, have your child cover the matching letters.




Want to work on letter sounds?

If you’re using dot stickers, have your child say the letter sound as they cover it up. You could even prompt them to think of a word that starts with that same sound. If you’re doing this activity without the dot stickers, try calling out just the letter sounds or both the letter sounds and the letters while your child colors them in.

Have so much fun with this activity! You and your child will LOVE it!

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