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Welcome to Learning with Kelsey!

Welcome to Learning with Kelsey!


I am so glad you're here. I created Learning with Kelsey to provide a place where parents can find the resources they need to educate their children at home. There is so much going on right now that is uncertain and I know that education is at the forefront of many parents' minds. I wanted to give parents a way to educate their children with confidence and also give children the opportunity to have school in their home. 

I spent time as a kindergarten teacher, and am now a preschool teacher. The time I have spent in the classroom fueled my love for school! There are so many things that make the school experience special and I wanted to be able to bring those aspects of school into your home! I hope that through my curriculum students have all of the wonderful experiences school provides.

How does the homeschool curriculum work?

The preschool homeschool curriculum is broken into units. A unit is what I would teach in a typical preschool day. Each unit is a different theme and there are eight units a month. These units are available to download individually or as a subscription where you will automatically get the downloads each month. Each unit has 8-10 activities that will teach your child math, literacy, writing, and fine motor skills. 

The kindergarten homeschool curriculum will be released monthly. If you are a subscriber you will get the downloads emailed to you on the 20th of each month. Each week there will be a guide that will walk you through what to teach and when. The curriculum will be broken into subjects-math, reading, writing, language arts, science, and social skills. The curriculum follows the standard US kindergarten curriculum. I include extensions for children who are learning at an accelerated rate. 

What is the Learning with Kelsey Box?

The Learning with Kelsey Box is a subscription box that comes monthly for both the preschool curriculum and the kindergarten curriculum. The box will have all of the supplies you need to do the hands on activities and crafts. I know how hard it is to gather all the supplies you need to do learning activities. I want to make it easy to do the activities and learn with your child. Each one will have the exact amount that you need, no extras to store! My hope is to make learning with your child as easy and fun as possible. 


I hope you find what you need here and that it makes teaching your child a fun experience that you both enjoy!

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