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Get a unique, themed Sensory Bin delivered to your door each month! Every bin consists of the "BITS" that make up the perfect sensory experience to play and explore. 

Base- The base varies each month to match the monthly theme. Some examples of a great base are colored rice, colored sugar, sand, beans, pasta, paper shred, etc. 

Inside- The inside has all the small pieces you need to make the Sensory Bin full of imaginative play. You may have plastic dinosaurs, gems, beads, small muffin tins, ice cube trays, or mini erasers. 

Texture- Adding an extra element of texture allows your child to really explore through touch. Each bin has at least two different textures, usually more! Some ways we add this is through pom poms, crinkle paper, foam pieces, etc. 

Scoops- No Sensory Bin is complete without scoops! It is essential to have scoops for your child to move and manipulate the materials. Each bin comes with different size scoops to help your child learn and play!

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