Hi, I'm Kelsey!

From a young age my passion has been school and teaching. I am a certified teacher with a degree in Early Childhood/Elementary Education. I spent 6 years in public school teaching third grade and kindergarten and spending time in the classroom fueled my passion for teaching. I decided to leave the classroom when I had my first son, however, I couldn't stay away from teaching too long and ended up starting a preschool out of my home.

I have spent the last four years teaching preschool and creating my own curriculum. My hope is to provide all parents with the opportunity to create an environment of learning in their home and help start their children on a solid path to academic success.

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Learning with Kelsey creates curious little learners through engaging, educational activity boxes for children ages 2-6 because we believe quality education begins with a simple foundation that fits your everyday routine at home.

My mission is to help parents feel confident supporting their kids learning from a young age, so I created Learning with Kelsey to give them the tools to do just that. As a parent you know what your child needs and you know how they learn best. My curriculum provides you with a guide to keep your child learning and thriving, and has products to support parents and children in almost any situation -- whether your kids are home full time or you just need support on weekends.

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Thank you for being here with me!

I hope you love what you find.

I have two boys and a little girl, Owen (6), Harvey (4), and Goldie (1). I love being able to teach and still be able to spend the majority of time with my kids. I have a passion for early childhood education and know how important this time is with your child.

I am a lover of all things school, and the idea of kids missing out on the valuable foundations of education in the preschool or kindergarten years breaks my heart. I want to inspire your children to love learning and give you the tools to support them and make it less stressful.