If you're the parent of a toddler or preschooler, you may be wondering what to expect from their cognitive skills and development in the coming years.

My Favorite Organizational Tips For A Toddler Friendly Home

Moms, I feel your pain. Keeping a tidy home with little kids while also storing everything so it is easily accessible for kids is no easy task. But it's not impossible!

Preschool Handwriting Basics & Sensory Letter Learning Ideas

Did you know that there is a specific order in which children learn to write? In preschool, they learn the basics of holding the pen and making marks on paper.

Let's Talk Bedtime Routines & How to Make Them Consistent

Do you have trouble getting your child to bed at night? Do they always have excuses for delaying bedtime? If so, it may be time to create (or enforce a previously created) bedtime routine.

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My curriculum provides you with a guide to keep your child learning and thriving while being safe at home with you.

After spending time teaching in third grade, then kindergarten and finally in preschool I have been able to see the effect a strong academic foundation has on a child's learning. In the last few months I have seen how hard it is for parents to find what to do with their kids and how to make sure they don't fall behind in school. I want parents to feel confident teaching their own kids, so I created the Miss Kelsey preschool and kindergarten homeschool curriculum.

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Learning with Kelsey creates curious little learners through engaging, educational activity boxes for children ages 2-6 because we believe quality education begins with a simple foundation that fits your everyday routine at home.

We have edited our boxes to make them easier to use and even more fun, all while keeping true to our mission of inspiring kids to love learning.

Nap time is a cherished time in the life of busy moms. It's many times the only productive time of the day for work, cleaning...

I’m from Arizona and my days revolve around child development.…so I’m an Olympic gold medalist at beating the heat in the summer! It’s the only way to survive!